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Benefits of SEO

Benefits of SEO

SEO Benefits

SEO provides a lot of benefits. In these benefits one of them is Search Engine Results Page (SERP). It causes lower and higher traffic through organic search. Through SERP you can increase your website traffic. Suppose you wrote an article on Android Apps, title of the article was “Real Estate Android App” and when people search real estate android apps, your website comes at top then a lot of people will come at your website and they will spend time on your website, to take a look on it. Suppose keyword “real estate android apps” have more than ten thousand searches in a month. It means that you will get at-least nine thousand people on your website per month.

SEO Real Estate

When you will search on Google it will show three kinds of results. These are the given below:


  • PPC termed as (Pay per Click), the result comes in this category were paid. It mostly shows top of the page or side of the page.
  • People give money to Google to show results as an ads when some search about the keyword which users selected. Suppose I want to display ads on keyword “Android Apps” whenever android apps keyword will search in Google my website will be at top. But I have needed to pay for it. I will make a bid on this keyword. If my bid will be the best one then Google will placed my ads on top. You can also take a look on: “Professional Search Engine Marketing” to understand the paid ads.

Product Results

  • When we search keyword, bottom of the PPC ads there will be a result of product. Mean a product will also show in the bottom of PPC. It’s also paid ads which we will buy from Google Adwords. We will bid on keywords, if our bid will be the best one Google will place our ads in Search Engine at top.

Organic Search

  • These are the results which you will get through SEO of your article and website. If you get ranked an article at top in the search engine results. Then your result will also show in Search Engine at first page. It’s difficult but possible. You need to hard work to get result. I have previously written about “Tips to Write an SEO Article”. If you will get your article top in the search result then I already give you an example of traffic, that how much traffic you will get for that article in a month. For one article its good traffic. Suppose you wrote 200 articles and you ranked 50 articles at top in the search engine. Every keyword has an average traffic about 9000 per month. Its mean you will get 450000 users on your website in a month. This figure is outstanding for a starter.
  • With the passage of time, you will get more achievements, when your domain name will be old. In this way if you will write 500 articles per year and ranked 250 articles, then you can easily achieve 45000 traffic of daily on your website.

Popular Keywords

When searching popular keywords in search engines it blended the result with less popular keywords. So try to make use of popular keywords in your articles according to the ratio. You can also rank your article on less popular keywords. And I will suggest targeting less popular keywords. Because if you can’t rank one article in search engines then it’s mean you done nothing. But if you will target less popular keywords, then you can easily rank your article in search engines. It means you have done something, even if the keyword searches 1000 times in a month. It’s mean you are getting 1000 users on your website. Suppose you wrote 100 articles and get ranked all with less popular keyword. On the other hand you wrote 100 articles with popular keywords but you ranked only 3 articles, it’s mean you are getting 9000 traffic on popular keywords per month. 9000 means you got 27000 users in one month on the other hand. But less popular keywords searches only 500 times in a month, it means they can give you 100*500 users in month, it’s become about 50000 per month. Which is good than popular keywords.

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If you can rank popular keywords, and you will not lose your patience then you need to target popular keywords. Because they can give you more traffic after a specific time. Remember, mostly popular keywords does not produce 100% organic search results.

Niche Keywords

If you search for niche keywords, it does not clutter, but it produces 100% organic results. Because on some keywords, there’s no one bid. Mean no one want to show results on some keywords, therefore people will not pay for it. Mostly people/organization target popular keywords, because they give better conversion rate. Mean they will give you better CPC (Cost per Click).

Trust Factor

What is trust factor? Trust factor is the thing on which people believe. People want to click on the things. According to the reports people believe on organic search results. Mostly people click on organic search results. More than 60% people click only organic search results. All remaining users, click on PPC ads/product results.

So try to rank your web pages, not advertise them. If you got 60% traffic, then you need to advertise your products/website. Through SEO you can get lower cost traffic. Mean get traffic with no cost. It also keeps your traffic for a long term (mean gives you a long term benefit). It also makes competition with other websites. It also gives you high click through rate (CTR).

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It takes more time to rank your website in search engine (when website is new). You have needed a lot of effort to rank your pages into search engine. I will not guarantee about this but it will improve searches with the passage of time. So don’t lose your hope.

Why I’m not giving you guarantee? Because, I don’t know, what you are going to do with your website. What you are targeting. If you will work properly with planning then surely you will get results. Otherwise you will not get anything. Write content by yourself. Don’t copy paste on your website. It lost your website rank.

We will talk more about SEO later. Keep Update. Soon we will give you feature to subscribe so that you can subscribe our newsletter and keep update from our latest posts. Good Bye!

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