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How to Get Project Online?

How to Get Project Online?

How to Get Project Online?

A lot of request received that tell us how we can get a project online with a team/individual. But I was busy, and can’t tell all of you. Then I have decided to make a post about this. I will teach you step by step that how you can got project online? Everyone thinks that he has excellent knowledge then why he’s not getting project. Here’s one of mistake you made every time. The topic is not short which I am going to discuss. I will only teach you basics. Later I will discuss every point in detail. Let suppose a customer post a project on Freelancers Websites. He Posted:

“Any PHP & MySql Expert Need, If anyone now about Javascript they will given prefer. The project is about E-Commerce Website & SMS API.”

Now mostly people from you will bid and say in description:

“I can do this Project in a Better Way. You must give this project to me. Give your projects in Safe Hand.”

That’s it. But this is not valid. Even you also write that you know about Javascript, PHP & MySql. Your communication with your client/customer should be strong. The project must take by you, but how? With above statements you can’t get Projects Online. Just check what clients have been posted. Then study the system if you have not working fully on it. If you have already worked on it, then it’s well and good. Tell your clients the features that he requires. So that, they think that you already know about the project what is it? And you can do it in better way from all others. And you must send links of your project which were outstanding, on which you have work done. Suppose client need E-Commerce Website. And you never work on it. But you already worked on payments that how it will be sent and receive. That’s your edge. Think about system, sketch it into your ideas. In this way the client will think that you can do it better from all others. Send some good links on which you implemented PHP & Mysql, Javascript also. In this way he can check your skill. The client will also check the speed of website that it will take to load. These things will matter to give his project to you or not.

You should careful about every little point. You should not miss the project. We will give you complete detail step by step to talk with your clients. So that you can get your project own. For getting Projects your Profile should also complete. In your profile, show projects in portfolio. So that client can check out your work. If your work will be outstanding then you can easily got project online. I have several students who worked as Freelancer. They just teach me how we can implement these things. The experiments performed by themselves. But remembered, be polite with your clients. Your voice also can attract someone.

We will discuss things in detail later. For now, this is enough. Make your profile splendid. Place your decent picture on profile. Information should be right. When they will interview they should know that you have placed right information on your profile. Step by Step we will teach you how your client will ask questions to you. And you can answer them. If he found something wrong then you will miss it. Otherwise you will get that.

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