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Types of Search Engines

Types of Search Engines

Types of Search Engines

There are a lot of search engines exist on internet. How do you make sense all of the offerings? We will discuss all the search engines types in detail including primary, secondary, regional, typical, web spider (based), meta and hybrid search engines.

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First Tier Search Engines

There are top three search engines named as Google, Yahoo and Bing. It comes in the first tier and also known as primary search engines. They own most of the part of the search engine market share. Primary search engines are the only ones you should really care about you. Most of the visitors come from these search engines.

Second Tier Search Engines

Secondary or Second tier search engines are not popular as much as first tier search engines. Even second tier search engine provides the same results for searches that provided by first tier search engine, but they can’t compete with them. You should focus to optimize your website for first tier search engines. If you will focus on first tier search engines it automatically covers second tier search engines.

Regional Search Engines

Even Google is at top in Europe countries but people also use regional search engines. Regional search engines mean that they search results for specific country or area. Suppose A person lives in London and he want to study only about London city all of the things, then he need to use regional search engines. As a person searches for SEO tutorials, he needs to use regional search engine. So that he can get perfect results. Google also provides you to regional search. For SEO tutorials those results can also be included that was not important for you and your website/region.

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Topical Search Engines

As from name, you can understand the searches about a specific topic. Topic can be about anything like machines, technology, media, art, business, games and science etc. So you need to use topical search engines to make searches for the topical keywords/content.

Web Spider Based Search Engines

Web Spider based search engines use automated program to index pages into their databases. These search engines include specialty of different things. Web spider also known as web crawler. Web crawler crawl pages from different website and ranked those pages according to the keyword searches.

Hybrid Search Engines

Some Search engines also include their own web directories. The idea of hybrid search engines was to include unification in results while searching different keywords/terms/topics. Google use SERP to get more specific results for the terms. In this way, users can get content according to their requirements.

Meta Search Engines

Some search engines use Meta search engines for their terms/keywords. They use other search engines web crawler or spider based search engines to show results for a query. A query inserts into a search engines. It searches results into first and second tier search engines, after querying it shows aggregated search results to the users.

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